White or Brown Rice—Which One Is Better for You?

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Ayurveda regards white basmati rice (from the foothills of the Himalayas) among the best varieties of rice. It is sweet in taste, cooling, strengthening, easily digestible, aphrodisiac, strengthens the body, and helps to clear taste and voice. When eaten in moderation, it balances every body type.

Brown rice is more nutritious, yes, but is it healthier for you? It all depends on your digestion: if your digestive fire is strong enough to break down the fiber-rich husk of brown rice, then you may enjoy more of it, especially in the winter. However, if you have sluggish digestion and slow metabolism, then eating brown rice may produce semi-digested toxins that can cause havoc in your gut. If you feel tired after eating brown rice, your digestion is probably not strong enough to handle it. Partially digesting the brown rice will not help you absorb its nutrients anyway. To reduce the chances of toxic buildup, most Ayurvedic practitioners recommend white basmati rice and baby basmati rice as the most medicinal of all rice varieties. American Texmati rice perhaps comes closest to the Indian basmati.

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