Tips for Improving Fiery Digestion

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Excerpt from What to Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen (copyright Rizzoli)

  • Chew ½ teaspoon After-Meal Spice Blend for Fiery Digestion (see below) after every meal.
  • Eat four to five times a day. Never skip or delay meals (eat appropriate snacks such as sweet, juicy fruit if you get hungry between meals).
  • As soon as you wake up, have a Cooked Apple Pre-Breakfast (page 143).
  • Eat lunch by 12 p.m.
  • Finish eating dinner by 6 p.m.—this recommendation has been proven helpful by numerous gastrointestinal doctors.
  • Make sure to have enough protein for dinner, as it is highly balancing for Fiery types to consume a good-quality, easy-to-digest protein dish at night. Try my Creamy Green Protein Soup (page 107) or Stuffed Avocados with Fresh Cheese (page 122)
  • If you get hungry after dinner, drink at least ½ cup Fennel Milk (page 135) before bedtime.
  • Drink room-temperature water throughout the day.
  • Drink fresh coconut water.
  • Never drink coffee or alcohol on empty stomach (best to avoid them completely as they are acidic and heating)
  • Favor Soma Salt, the most cooling of all salts, and reduce salt in general in your food.
  • Go for a walk early in the morning and at night—at sunrise and moonrise (the moon rays are very cooling and calming); avoid direct exposure to sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • Go to bed by 10 p.m.

After-Meal Spice Blend for Fiery Digestion

Although fennel enhances digestive fire, its sweet, licorice-like taste balances the pungency of the spice so that it does not overheat the body. Toasting the fennel also reduces its slightly heating properties, thus making it an especially helpful spice for when you’re feeling Fiery. In large quantities, however, fennel can be heating, so do not overdo it.

This home remedy may help you alleviate symptoms of indigestion, but it cannot replace poor diet. Good food is the foundation for good digestion.

4 tablespoons fennel seeds

In a small heavy skillet, dry-toast the fennel seeds over low heat until they darken a few shades and release their aroma; remove from the pan and let them cool down completely. Store in an airtight jar for up to a month. Chew ½ teaspoon after every meal.

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