Tips for Improving Airy Digestion

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Excerpt from What to Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen (copyright Rizzoli)

Check out “Setting the Stage for Your Meals: It’s Not Just What You Eat, But How You Eat It”—this practice is always useful no matter what your digestion is. The following tips are specific for irregular Airy digestion:

  • Follow the recipes and recommendations in this chapter.
  • Chew 1 teaspoon After-Meal Spice Blend for Airy Digestion (see Sidebar) after lunch and dinner.
  • Eat small meals at regular intervals (whenever you’re hungry).
  • Drink warm water throughout the day.
  • Add extra ghee and olive oil to your food (avoid coconut oil because it’s too cooling for this season).
  • After a meal, rest for about 15 minutes and refrain from intensive physical activity.
  • Do mild exercise daily for at least thirty minutes.
  • Take a good-quality Triphala (Ayurvedic supplement) at night.

After-Meal Spice Blend for Airy Digestion

This SV Ayurveda remedy has been passed down in the lineage for generations. Although fennel enhances digestive fire, its sweet, licorice-like taste balances the pungency of the spice so that it does not overheat the body. This makes it a helpful spice for when you’re experiencing irregular Airy digestion.

Take this digestive aid every day and especially when you’re traveling or eating out; it will give you almost immediate relief from bloating, colic pain, or gas. Chewing fennel seeds after every meal will also gradually improve your digestion. However, do not use this digestive aid as a quick fix for a poor diet. Good food is the foundation for good digestion, and fennel will support you along the way.

4 tablespoons fennel seeds

In a small heavy skillet, dry-toast 2 tablespoons of the fennel seeds over low heat until they darken a few shades and release their aroma; remove from the pan and let them cool down completely. Mix the toasted and raw fennel together and store in an airtight jar. Chew (and swallow) ½ teaspoon before and after each meal.

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  1. Irina
    Irina says:

    Divya, I love your article. I have read your post about identifying my digestion type. I am constantly bloated, skin awfully dry and I am always cold! This tells me it is airy digestion, vata imbalance. However, I was diagnosed with silent reflux, I lose my voice sometimes due to my digestion. Do you still think I have airy digestion? Is it possible to have both fiery and airy? Thank you.


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