Red Beets

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Beets are of sweet taste, heavy quality, cooling metabolic effect, and pungent post-digestive taste.


They pacify Vata but could aggravate Kapha and Pitta if not cooked with balancing spices and other ingredients.


Beets are very rich in Vitamin A, B, calcium, iron, and powerful antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid (ALA). They are an excellent source of fiber. According to Dr. John Douillard, without adequate fiber in the diet, up to 94 percent of toxic bile produced in the body during the digestive process can be re-absorbed back into the liver and put back into circulation.



Healing Properties Listed in the Ayurvedic Texts

  • Aid and cleanse the liver
  • Support healthy bile flow
  • Alleviate constipation
  • Help eliminate pocket acid material in the bowel
  • Promote menstruation
  • Help support healthy blood sugar levels (The high levels of alpha lipoic acid found in beets seem to offset the effects of the beet sugar.)
  • Support healthy blood pressure and circulation
  • Benefit eliminative, digestive, and lymphatic system
  • Blood builder
  • Helpful in anemia, inflammation, kidney stones


How to Use

The SV Ayurveda tradition recommends cooking beets for best digestion and absorption.

To make beets balancing for Kapha, use pungent spices, such as ginger, kalonji, chiles, cinnamon, and more. To make beets balancing for Pitta, use cooling spices and condiments, such as coriander, fennel, cilantro, green cardamom, and more.

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