Daikon Radish

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Thin daikon radish deserves our acknowledgment today the way Ayurveda recognized it thousands of years ago. Although pungent and heating, because it pulls out hot toxins, daikon ultimately reduces acidity. It also:

  • Calms the nervous system
  • Supports digestion
  • Reduces water retention
  • Cleanses the kidneys, gallbladder, liver, blood, eyes
  • Relieves hemorrhoids
  • Clears the vocal cords—great for singers and public speakers
  • Eliminates catarrhal congestion in the body, especially the sinuses

When discussing members of the radish family, SV Ayurveda recommends the rare icicle daikon or the more common long white radishes easily found in grocery stores. Make sure that your radish is somewhat soft (the very hard ones are too mature) and it is not thicker than 2 inches in diameter—thinner radishes are generally balancing for everyone, while the fat ones are aggravating for most people.

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