Vegan Protein Shakes: Introduction

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We live in the age of shakes and smoothies: We grab a cold smoothie for breakfast or whenever we don’t have time to cook. As convenient quick blending of food is, it is important to select not only high-nutrient foods, but also compatible foods. A lot of the vegan protein shakes on the market include heavily processed (and thus heavy to digest) proteins and additives. Soy and peas are high in protein, but very difficult to digest, especially for the Airy and Earthy. If you don’t fully break down these proteins, they may clog you up, leading to stiffness, acidity, or congestion.


In the Ayurveda tradition, protein shakes are made from dried and roasted lentils or small beans blended with water, spices, and sometimes yogurt. This method makes the protein and other nutrients easy to digest and absorb—all without compromising deliciousness.


In the gluten-free recipes to follow, I use the Vegan Protein Powder and the Detox Kulthi Protein Powder Vaidya R.K. Mishra formulated over a year ago. The shakes take no more than 10 minutes to make but are so nourishing yet light. I enjoy savory shakes more than sweet. To me, they feel like a nourishing and grounding soup without causing any heaviness in the stomach.


These magic ingredients have become my staples for quick nutrition when I travel or when I don’t have much time to cook at home. I use them in shakes, stews, pancake batters, and as a soup thickener.


The low glycemic index of both powders makes them a great source of protein for vegetarians/vegans who have low sugar tolerance or are diabetic.


Click here to learn more about these powders’ incredible source of fiber and minerals.


The Warming and Detox Protein Shake recipes (posted separately) both call for a quick cooking to make the vegetables easily digestible, especially in the cold season. Each of the recipes to follow delivers about 15 grams of protein (about 30 percent of daily value). To keep the recipes vegan, I use extra virgin olive oil, but if you love ghee, you can add it to your shake. Play with different vegetables and use my recipes as a base to create your own version of protein shakes!



Warming Protein Shake

Detox Protein Shake

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