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Cooked Apple-Beet Smoothie

Serves 1 to 2            Vegan, gluten free Prep: 5 to 10 minutes                       Cook: 5 to 7 minutes                         Cool and blend: 5 minuteshttp://divyaalter.com/resources/ginger


One of the three doshas of the body. It manifests as the space and air elements in the physiology. It governs overall flow, circulation, and the innate intelligence of the body to do what it is supposed to.

Soma Salt

According to Charaka Samhita (an ancient text on Ayurveda), the best salt is Soma Salt (aka saindhava) or white Himalayan rock salt, as it is rich in minerals but less heating than other varieties. Available in-store at Divya’s Kitchen and online.


Enhancing Soma, or the cosmic energy (associated with the moon) that that is cooling, nurturing, stabilizing, and lubricating. In the body, Soma transforms into Kapha and ojas.


One of the three doshas of the body. It manifests as the fire and water elements in the physiology. It governs metabolism, transformation, digestion (physical and mental), and more.

Mom’s Masala

A traditional SV Ayurvedic spice blend of 21 pretoasted spices. This tridoshic blend stimulates Kapha (Earthy) and balances Vata (Airy) without aggravating Pitta (Fiery), unless someone has very high Pitta imbalance. Because it’s been pretoasted, you may sprinkle this delicious and aromatic spice blend on ready-made dishes, making it great for traveling and eating out. […]

Lauki Squash

A summer squash variety and a champion in Ayurvedic cuisine. It is light to digest, nourishes every body tissue, and acts as a “peace-maker” among the five elements. With its sweet and astringent taste, lauki squash cools down excessive overall heat, especially an overheated liver. Unlike other watery squashes, lauki squash will not imbalance the […]


One of the three doshas of the body. It manifests as the water/fluids and earth/structure in the physiology. It governs growth, lubrication, nurturing, stability, and more.