Ayurveda has been preserved and practiced for thousands of years in India, but cooking with it does not have to be limited to Indian flavors. With my diverse recipes I offer you practical ways to bridge the ancient wisdom of food with modern living beyond the boundaries of India. With each recipe, I present a foundational principle of cooking for health and joy—by grasping the principles, you will have the freedom to adjust the details to suit your needs and taste buds.

These are easy recipes I love and my students rave about, even years after they’ve been to class. Most recipes yield four servings; adjust portion sizes according to what else is included on the menu. Some recipes require a few minutes of advance planning such as soaking or making staples ahead.

Since some of the ingredients I use are incredibly beneficial but not yet common in Western cooking, I started a Glossary, where you can learn more about each ingredient and where to find it.

All recipes are seasonal and lacto-vegetarian and almost all of them have gluten-free and dairy-free options (listed in the recipe’s Notes). I choose cultured ghee as the main cooking oil because of its high smoke point and numerous healing effects. Although derived from butter, ghee is lactose-free, so even if you are avoiding dairy in general, you might not react to ghee. If ghee is the only dairy-derived ingredient in a recipe, I designate that recipe as “dairy free” because I list vegan oil alternatives.