Welcome to my blog. I’ve been trying to start it for years now and every fresh attempt got interrupted by a new project—from developing a culinary training, to writing a cookbook, to launching a restaurant! Before anything else pops up, my blog is finally there for you!

I’ve taught thousands of people how to cook, and here I want to share the excitement and sense of possibility my students and I experience in our encounters with pure, sumptuous food at home.

My cooking is based on the ancient principles of Shaka Vansiya (SV) Ayurveda, which teaches us how to link our physical and mental needs with the foods and seasonings that will balance us accordingly.

For me, food is much more than a means of sustenance. It is a friend that has transformed and uplifted me on levels way beyond the physical. I grew up in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and my conscious relationship with food began when I was 18, while interning at the kitchen of an underground yoga ashram. I’ve been a vegetarian and a cook since then (27+ years).

For five years, I studied in India, where I first experienced Ayurveda. Over time, this ancient healing practice has helped me cure digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and an autoimmune disorder. The transformative healing experience inspired me to study SV Ayurveda and become a certified nutritional consultant and culinary educator. Over the years, my cooking evolved from fun, to service, to a health necessity, to education, to writing a book, to a full chef’s career, and… going back to where it started.

My gratitude goes to my many teachers, among whom are Vaidya R.K. Mishra, Krishna Kshetra Swami, BT Swami, Yamuna Devi, Barbara Ann Brennan, Jaidev Singh, and many more.

My husband, Prentiss, and I are the cofounders of Bhagavat Life, an Ayurvedic culinary school and Divya’s Kitchen, an Ayurvedic restaurant in Manhattan. I’m also the author of What to Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen. In our free time we like to read books, roam in nature, and hang out with friends and family.